A Taste Of Honey

D.S. Friedman


Immerse into a rich kaleidoscope of emotions as poet-author D.S. Friedman gives you
A Taste Of Honey.

In this anthology of poems, songs, and music, she opens the windows of her soul, allowing you to take hold of insights that will inspire and move you. Through rhythm and rhyme, she paints the different facets of love and life, the natural and the supernatural. Reminisce fond memories of the past, celebrate the gift of family and friends, and free your heart from pains and anxieties as you leaf through the compelling pages of A Taste Of Honey.

If you’re ready to experience and live the beautiful life, then embark on this poetic, lyrical journey.


Revel in A Taste of Honey and experience the blissful side of life.


ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4500-2190-6


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